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Happy New Year...

My apologies that I haven't been on my blog recently. It has been rather busy here at Forever Always looking after families as well as spending the festivities with my own family.

I do hope that wherever you are you had a peaceful Christmas and New Year, and my heartfelt thanks go to my fellow celebrant colleagues and Funeral Directors for your continued support as we enter the new year.

To all my wonderful families, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tell your loved one's stories. As we enter in to 2019 you are all still very much in my thoughts. This new year will bring many firsts whether it be a first birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter etc...the first without your loved one can often be very difficult to overcome. I hope that you have the support around you to help at these times. Please do remember that I am only a phone call or email away should there be anything I can help you with or you can drop me a line using the contact us page on the website.

Grieving is an important process and it will be a hard and painful progression to reach the other side, but, your loved one's are still very much with you and will continue to love you from afar providing love, guidance and maybe the odd sign that they are and always will be with you.

With warm regards and best wishes for the months ahead,

Samantha xxx



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