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At Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, they believe there’s always more they can do for sick children and that’s why they will always strive to do more for their patients and families.

It’s their mission to raise the vital funds needed to make a real difference to all who use their hospital’s services, offering them the best experience possible.

It is only through the kindness, generosity and hard work of supporters raising these vital funds for the charity that they are able to do more and more every year to take them closer to achieving their vision to provide the best possible facilities and environment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, for their exceptional patients and young people.


In 2011, Birmingham Children's worked tirelessly to look after my young son and sadly he was just too poorly.  The care they now provide to my daughter is nothing short of remarkable and they will always hold a place in my heart.


The Doctors and staff at this hospital save the lives of young children on a daily basis and constantly exceed their standards of care as well as house parents in the Ronald Macdonald Charity House so that they can be as close as possible to their child whilst they are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Having recently lost someone close to me to suicide, I also support C.A.L.M (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and, following any services I should undertake where death has occurred via suicide, I pledge to donate a percentage of my fee to this wonderful charity.

C.A.L.M are an amazing charity leading a movement to campaign against and reduce male suicide - the single biggest killer of men aged 45 and under in the UK.  In 2015, 75% of all suicides in the UK were male.  C.A.L.M offer support via a helpline, website and webchat to men battling suicidal thoughts and support families bereaved by suicide.  They aim to ensure that anyone affected is offered and receives timely support.   

I hope you will help me continue to raise vital funds for these wonderful charities, so that they can continue with the fantastic work that they do.


Thank you.


Samantha xxx 

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