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Life is for living...

On occasion we are reminded that life really is unpredictable. We never know when our 'time is up'.

I was reminded of this very fact last week when I conducted a service for a young gentleman who had passed away less than 12 months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

As I conducted the service - although we made it very much a celebration of his life - beneath the smiles and laughter was visible heartache. He has left behind a beautiful wife and children, with the youngest just 3 years old.

Life is never promised. Our futures are never set in stone. It is simply what we make it. This young gentleman gave it his all and it was my greatest privilege to conduct his service. We celebrated his life and gave thanks for all he was and the pleasure of sharing his life with him. Of all the services I have conducted, it was by far, the most beautiful.

For those who have not heard it, I would highly recommend listening to the song below. Recorded by a young choir group called Angelis, the song is called 'Even Though You're Gone.' This particular family had this track played as we said our final farewells and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! The words are so meaningful and true. I too, have used this track previously for a personal funeral.

Never let life simply pass you by. Live with no regrets. Live for today and live as though tomorrow may never come.



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