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Happy Heavenly Birthday...

Today has been a hard day as I have had to wish this beautiful ray of sunshine a Happy Heavenly Birthday. Alfie-Ray Junior, my beautiful son, left my side on 29th November 2011 when he was just 11 days old, and today would have been his 7th birthday. There is not a day goes by that I don't miss and love him more and wish I could have saved him, but life is cruel. The cruelty of such really hits home when you do a job such as mine.

However, throughout it all, he is my reason - along with my angel Mum - that I do what I do today to help other families. I have made my regular donation to Birmingham Children's Hospital in his memory, just as I do each year on his birthday and as often as I can throughout the year also. I cannot thank the hospital enough for all they did for him.

After losing Alfie, I trained as a bereavement counsellor so I could offer help to other families also. With this in mind, my services do not just end when my funeral service is completed. I always ask my families to keep hold of my contact details and if they ever need any additional support, I am happy to oblige as I am a strong believer that no one should suffer alone.

I did have some comfort today however in Milo, our little pug pup! He has been keeping my mind occupied and me on my toes! It is amazing the bond us humans can have with our animals and how these beautiful creatures just know. Milo hasn't left my side all day and as I type this blog he is firmly attached to my lap!!

It is days like today when you are surrounded by love, family and friendship, that you realise just how lucky you really are!

So, Happy birthday Alfie! As well as sending all my love, I am also sending you my heartfelt thanks as it is because of you, I am who I am today. Thank you my sunshine...eternally.



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