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Hmmm...Let's try this whole blog thing then!

I have decided to start writing a blog as I have been inspired to do so by one of my wonderful families. As a celebrant, every funeral I facilitate holds an incredible story behind the person who has passed. I love hearing these stories and learning from the families of their loved one's background and history. Sometimes, the history is cut short through sad circumstances such as stillbirth, neonatal death, the dreaded C or even suicide but even though that person may not have much history, they still have a story to tell.

In other cases, there are the older generation who have lived and seen so much in their lives. This is a classic case of that.

I am currently in the process of completing a funeral for an admirable gentleman whom for anonymity reasons I shall refer to as Bob!

Bob was in his 90's when he passed away and I can honestly say, this service has been a pleasure to write and I am privileged that I will be telling his story to so many.

Bob is an ex-serviceman who served with the RAF during the 2nd world war. Whilst serving his country he was captured by the Japanese and held as a POW. What this gentleman was subject to is nothing short of harrowing yet he never faltered and remained courageous throughout it all.

As part of the funeral we will have a retired RAF Officer who will play the bugle to The Last Post and Revielle. Just because we officiate the ceremony doesn't mean we don't feel. Each and every funeral I officiate, I do as though it were a member of my own family. When working so closely with a family it is almost impossible not to feel some level of transference and it is almost required in a way as it helps me to empathise and do my job better.

Bob, in the words of your family, you are quite simply a LEGEND! I cannot wait to tell your story.



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