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Lending a Helping Hand

A helping hand with a personal touch

What is a Civil Celebrant?

A civil celebrant is specifically and specially trained to perform funeral/naming/wedding services for those who may not wish to have a fully religious ceremony.  This may be because the loved one who has passed away and/or their family may not have been part of a church or have any belief as such.  

Civil ceremonies have seen a surge in recent years with just 47% of funerals in 2012 being performed by a religious minister.  This percentage has increased tenfold in the past 5 years alone, along with 72% of families now choosing cremation over burial for their loved ones.

The easiest way to answer the above question is to imagine a sliding scale.  

At the upper end of the scale are your religious ministers.  At the lower end are your Humanists.  Religious ceremonies are often pre-prescribed and must contain so many hymns, bible readings etc.  A humanist ceremony will contain no religious content at all.  A civil celebrant is able to slide up and down this scale to suit the needs of the family.  For example, a family may request a totally non-religious ceremony.  Another family may wish to have a humanist ceremony that contains a hymn and the Lord's Prayer.  The beauty of a civil ceremony is that it is tailored to meet the requirements and requests of the family.  It is a professional and personalised service, produced and conducted in such a way that the funeral becomes a celebration of life, full of lifetime memories.  When people reflect on your loved one's funeral, they will always remember that personal touch.

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